Sunday, June 20, 2010

JBCO Challenge: Week Nine and Finale

I wanted to give a quick update regarding the JBCO challenge, especially since I did not initially feel I had committed enough the challenge to see a difference in my hair. Well I must say, although the growth was minimal (due to poor diet, lack of sleep and a much needed "trim"--LOL), the difference in the thickness of my hair was significant though (comparison below). With that being said, clearly JBCO can have an impact on your hair--or at least mine, in terms of the thickness; length/growth is a completely different story. Diet, sleep, adequate exercise all play much bigger roles in you reaching your maximum potential growth (e.g. 1/4-1/2 inch/month)  than any "growth aid".

So there you have it, thicker, but no real growth. Even my hairdresser commented on the change in the fullness of my hair. All pics were taken right after my relaxer, and you know how flat and lifeless your hair can look right after a relaxer. My hair was also styled the same way with the same products in all of the pics as well (e.g. blown dry and flat ironed).

In light of these great results I want to emphasize the fact that no product can permanently thicken up the strains that have already sprouted out of your head, it can only help enhance the new growth you will achieve, which can make the overall hair look thicker. With time, as you continue to use the product you will begin to have thicker strains as the hair continues to grow in thicker. For this reason alone I think I will continue with JBCO as I am finally a believer (in its ability to thicken hair) and I have given it a Smiley because I definitely think its worth using, just don't expect wonders*.

*some women have reported significant thickness and growth.

Stylista's rating:

Smiley - Smiley = not worth the money, don't waste your time.

Smiley - Smiley = neither hit or miss; just okay

Smiley - Smiley = good product; really worth trying.

Smiley = amazing product!

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